Thursday, July 28, 2011

Love for Sale...

...okay, it's free, and he's got lots of it to give.  If you're on our blog list, you know we're just not cat people anymore, as much as we love Otto.  It's too bad, too, since he's so much like Buddy and so fun.  We have left him alone overnight a couple of times and he's done great--he's well-behaved *but* he's a kitty, so he does kitty stuff, like climb.  And attack your ankles when you walk by.  And play with papers if you leave them on the floor.  You know, the cute stuff.

So, we need to find him a home with someone who will love this little guy and appreciate all of his kitty qualities.  :)  Anyone interested?  We'll deliver to Houston, Austin, San Antonio...

PS--if you decide to take him and if you ever change his middle name from "AND the Neverland Pirates," please don't ever tell Noble.

Monday, July 11, 2011

What's New With You?

I've noticed that the busier we are, the less we blog...sorry about that.  We are having a great summer, but we haven't taken many pictures.  Case in point:  the kids and I went to the Weseloh reunion a couple of weeks ago, and I didn't take. a. single. picture.  Crazy, right?

So what's new around here?  Nothing, and everything.

Daddy is working as usual, and he's wrapped up a ton of freelance work just in time to start a couple new projects.  Video editing takes up a huge chunk of his time, so he's almost literally been working around the clock.  I can't speak for him, but I'm glad that part of his summer is over.  I hope!  :)

As for me, the only thing different about summer is that I don't drive in to Houston to work each week and I only work one day for the school district.  It's nice to be able to fit that in around the kids' schedule.  I am enjoying the day-to-day stuff with my our family...August is going to be tough!

Kayci is still Kayci.  Last week was her first birthday outing, and she chose Chuck E. Cheese for lunch. It was a blast--I love the College Station Chuck E. Cheese, since it's usually pretty deserted.  (And the food is as good as it gets for...well, there.)  *Confused?  She chose 8 outings instead of a birthday party this year.*  Noble goes to school on Wednesdays, and even though the original plan was for Kayci and me to scrapbook on those days, they've turned into days when we get stuff done and do at least one Mommy & Kayci thing.  We've gotten pedicures, gone to the movies, and done whatever Kayci wants, generally.  Last week we met the Dallmeyers for lunch and a trip to Justice, which is at the top of her  favorite Wednesday list this summer.  Have I mentioned that she's growing like a WEED?  Seriously, we have gotten rid of almost her whole wardrobe.  I'm kind of worried she's going to shoot straight through 10s (shirts, at least...10 pants still aren't fitting, but the 8s are too short...arrgh.).  We'll see what size she is when school starts!  If she gets any taller, I think we're going to have to start layering tanks under her t-shirts to make up for length issues.  :)  Our Bitty is a young lady already.

Noble has changed so much this summer.  His speech is clearer, his vocabulary has exploded (he reminds us so much of little Kayci in that respect), and he's pretty well potty-trained.  Since May 24th, he's been doing #1 AND #2 in the potty, but we've kept him in Pull-Ups for convenience.  (I know.)  This weekend he was talking to Daddy and they decided it's time for him to wear just underpants.  So, he did it Saturday (even through a morning of running errands!) and yesterday (even through church, nap! and a 4-hour trip to a farm).  Pretty cool, huh?  This is what I woke up to yesterday morning--Daddy and Noble made a potty chart.  When Noble has 5 dry days in a row, he can get a Cars toy he's been wanting for a while.  Yep, we bribe.  But he's excited!  Did I mention that he, too, is growing fast?  Poor skinny guy can still wear shorts from 2 summers ago, but we had to go up to 3T jeans for length.  We're buying 4T shirts for length, but he just swims in them because he's getting taller, not thicker.  His face is changing, too...the baby roundness is gone.  Our baby is a little boy.

Otto is still a part of our family, but he is a foster child.  He will be going to a new (cat-loving) home soon.  We're just not built for it anymore.

We'll see what else the summer brings...right now, we're enjoying a slower pace and fresh food and family time.  That's what summer means around here.  Come out and visit sometime!