Sunday, September 28, 2003

Kayci's Baptism

It's been a milestone week. First, Kayci rolled over. Then she laughed for Kristi for the first time on Wednesday (she laughed for me on Thursday.) Then Sunday she was Baptized in the morning and we had the Babycue in the afternoon. That's a whole 'nother story. But it's been a great week. And it looks like fall is here. As I'm writing this, it's 63 degrees outside and sunny (of course it's only 8am- in Texas it could still get up to 100 by noon,) but it's going to be a beautiful day.

Kayci enjoyed the Baptism service. She slept through most of it, but she LOVED it when she got the water poured on her head. She thought she was getting a bath, and she loves baths.

Kayci also did really well at the Babycue. She took a couple of catnaps that got her through the day. She was generally happy all day, even with everybody wanting to hold her and play with her. Last night was little rough, though. She was so tired that she couldn't stay asleep. But she woke up this morning rested and playful as always, no I guess no permanent damage was done.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Kayci Rolls Over

Wow. Today was a big, eventful day in the life of Kayci. This morning she rolled over for the first time!!!! Then, thisevening she sat at the big table in her high chair for the first time while we ate dinner. My little girl is growing up! Here's how it happened:

This morning, Kayci woke up extra early at 6am and didn't want to go back to sleep. So we played with her and kept her up thinking that she would take a nap as soon as she got to Michele's. I called the gas company this morning to come out because Kristi said she smelled gas in the kitchen (make your own gastrointestinal joke here). The gas man drove up just as I was backing out of the driveway to take Kayci to Michele's house, so we unloaded and went back inside with the gas guy. While the gas man was fixing things, I fed Kayci a bottle. She ate about half of it and zonked clean out. I decided to put her down for a nap at home and that I would take her to Michele's house when she woke up. The gas man finished and once again prolonged the day when I blow myself up because of something stupid. After Kayci slept for about 45 minutes, she woke up. I had layed her on her tummy and she had her head raised way up when I went in to get her. It was the most I had seen her raise her head, so went and got my camera to take one of the hundred or so photos of Kayci that I take every week. While I was taking some pictures, she put her butt in the air and rolled over onto her side. I almost dropped the camera in disbelief. But I managed to get a "before" and "after" picture.

She lay on her side for a few minutes looking around and up at her mobile. I'm sure she was just as stunned as I was at what she had just done. I ran and got the video camera because I knew that Kristi wouldn't believe me- I'm a known liar when it comes to Kayci's accomplishments (such as having as special sound that only means "daddy," even though it's also the sound she makes jus before she lets a really big one.) So I rolled her back over on her tummy to see if she would do it again- and sure enough she rolled right back over. So being a man, I thought, "hmmm this is fun- I wonder how many times she'll do this in a row. So I turned her over again. This time I just ticked her off. She tried to turn, but it quickly devolved into a screaming hissy fit, which I dutifully got on tape. She never did turn over again, but I got one on tape at least just so Kristi (and everyone else) would know I wasn't a total liar.

That's about it. This evening I decided to put together Kayci's high chair and see if she would sit in it while we ate. Much to my surprise, she not only sat in it for the majority of our meal, she actually seemed to like it.

She was a tired girl, so Mommy put her down this evening. More on future rolling over incidents to come... Right now I'm just reveling in the fact that I'm the only one she's done it for. Woohoo!

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Family and Kemah

This week Kayci got to visit with her Nana and Meema (Daddy's mom & grandma, for those actually trying to keep up). They had a good visit and Kayci was in a good mood while they were here. Then, Kayci's Jhido (Daddy's dad) and Uncle Adam came over. Jhido had been out of town for several weeks and hadn't really had any Kayci time. We all loaded up and went down to Kemah to the Aquarium. Kayci LOVED looking at the fish. It was like watching a HUGE "shiny box" for her. She was mesmerized. Even though it was rainy, we had a good time.

Monday, September 15, 2003

Pretty Princess Kayci

This has been a whirlwind week. Kayci is just becoming more amazing every day. She got to meet her Uncle Bill this week and got to see Aunt Peggy for the first time since she was in the hospital. As you can see below, she LOVED her Uncle Bill.

Kayci also got to be a pretty princess at a friend's 5-year old dress up party. And then there was the Texans game. Kayci watched as much as she could stand with Daddy and Unka Johnny. She loves to sit and look at the "shiny flashy box." Just like her Daddy did when he was her age, she turns like a contortionist to try to see it. Unlike Daddy, Kayci is interested in more than just the commercials.

Also, Kayci developed a little bit of what we think is an ear infection let in the week. Even though she obviously doesn't feel good, she still tries to be a hapy little girl. She wants so badly to be smiley and playful, but then that darn ear starts hurting again. Daddy is taking her to the doctor today to find out exactly what's wrong.

It turns out that she just had some fluid behind her ear and that it wasn't infected. She was just feeling that pressure and pulling at it.

Monday, September 8, 2003

Kayci Drools A Lot

Wow. Last week flew by, but it was busy. After being in Kansas for a week, getting back to work was actually a welcome thing. Kayci did really well at the sitter. She only got written up four times. Just kidding, of course, but I know the day will come- she's my daughter, after all.

Kayci's been doing really well sleeping her own bed this week. We've dicovered that she LOVES to sleep on her side. She's also started taking naps on her tummy. The idea was that it would help with her tummy time. It turns out that she sleeps really well. I know, all the new conventional wisdom says not to let your baby sleep on her tummy, but I figure that means at night. Besides, every baby I've ever known and every baby since the beginning of time until about five years ago did it and is just fine. So I figure Kayci will be okay taking short naps on her tummy.

Kayci has really started drooling a lot. I don't think it's a coincidence that it started at about the same time that she began getting interested in putting things in her mouth to chew on. I know she's not teething yet- she's way too young. She just likes to grasp her rattle or a toy and suck on it. She does the same thing with her hands if she doesn't have a toy available. Until recently, she only put things in her mouth if she was hungry. Now, I think she's trying to figure out what things actually taste like before everybody starts telling her that everything tastes like chicken.

Tuesday, September 2, 2003

First Time at the Sitter

Today we took Kayci to the sitter for the first time and I wanted to reach into my chest and rip my heart right out. It tore me up to have to leave her. Not that she's not in great hands.... it's just that she's been a constant fixture in our lives for the past 10 weeks and it's really hard for her to be away from me for a whole day. I never thought that this day would get me as emotional as I am. Now I know how Kristi felt when she had to go back to work. It was really hard leaving her, but I did it- eventually- after about 20 minutes of giving her to Michelle and then taking her back and holdng her and kissing her a little bit more. Before I left I held her up so she could see me and she gave me a huge smile. That's what is going to get me through the day. I know it's irrational, especially for a baby at this age, but I have some deep fear that she'll spend all this time during the day away from home and away from me and Kristi and that we'll be strangers to her. We'll just be the people she goes with to go home and sleep and bathe and change clothes. Kristi and I are in agreement- time in the mornings and evenings at home with Kayci is family time. I know she loves the two of us more than anyone else in the world (and vice versa). It's important for me to try to make her aware-on some level- that even though she's not with us during the day that we're a family and that there is no one in our lives more impostant than that smiley little girl.

Monday, September 1, 2003

Back from Kansas

Well,we're home from Kansas. It was a taxing trip, both physically and emotionally. We're all glad to be home. I think getting back into a routine is going to be a good thing for all of us. Today is Labor Day and I'm trying hard not to do too much work. I'll save that for tomorrow. We spent a lazy morning in bed. Kayci took her first tummy nap today while I was sitting with her. She liked it, apparently, because she slept for about two hours. She needed a good nap. She usually just gets to sleep and then wakes herself up. She's like her Mommy and Daddy- afraid she's going to miss something. Nana came over yesterday for some Kayci time and that went well. For the first time in a long time Kayci wasn't fussy while Nana was here. They had a good visit.