Thursday, January 24, 2013

Extemporaneous Speaking and Hamburger Seeds

Wait, the title gave it all away, didn't it?  Oh, well.

January is School Board Appreciation month.  At the School Board meeting Tuesday night, each elementary school presented a gift to their school board representative and had a few students speak about what they love about their respective schools.  Well, there was a bit of a miscommunication...Kayci's friend who was also speaking wrote an entire speech, and Kayci had one very well-crafted sentence.  So, the first school went...and the kids had these very, very long and impressive speeches.  I was a little nervous for Bitty...I didn't want her to be embarrassed with her one sentence, but I couldn't get to her to tell her it would be okay if she read what she had OR if she wanted to add some more.  Kayci's friend Jenna spoke, and did a wonderful job...then it was Kayci's turn.

That kid never ceases to amaze me.  She stepped out, and her tight grip on her paper made me a little nervous.  But then, when she looked at the paper and pretended to read, "Hi, my name is Kayci Pharaon and I'm a fourth grader at..." I knew that she would be fine.  But then she went on to give a completely spontaneous, completely convincing speech...on the spot.  She looked at that paper the whole time, and even I wondered if she'd had time to write out the speech while she was waiting.  But nope, when she came over to us the paper was still blank save for the one, lone, original sentence.

This wasn't Bitty's first public speaking experience, but I'd say so far it's been the best.  She's awesome!

Daddy came home from Agents' Conference right before the school board meeting, and to celebrate his homecoming and Kayci's great performance we went out to eat.  Noble ordered his favorite, a hamburger, but when it arrived he got really excited.  We couldn't figure it out--then he pointed at the sesame seeds and said, "I never had these on a hamburger before!!  Mommy, can we take these seeds home to grow more hamburgers??"

He was dead serious, so we'll be planting some sesame seeds this weekend.  Wish him luck!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kayci's Piano Recital

On December 15, Kayci had her winter piano recital here in Brenham. Here is the video for those that couldn't make it: