Sunday, March 2, 2003

Feeling the Kick – Sunday, March 2

Kristi’s belly has been getting really big the past couple of weeks. And the cool thing is that you can really feel where Kayci is now. Sometimes she’s down low on the right side, sometimes she’s up high. Sometimes she goes deep inside and you can barely feel her. One night last week Kristi woke me up in the middle of the night and told me to “feel my baby.” Naturally, I placed my hand on my belly. But she grabbed my hand and put it on her belly instead. Kayci was straight up and down. It was really cool. It almost felt as if Kristi had swallowed a dachshund. It’s amazing to me how much that little girl moves around in there…

On that subject, we went down to Kristi’s parents’ beach house to spend the night. When we woke up this morning, Kayci was still asleep apparently, but she was big and down low. I’ve been very jealous for some time because Kristi can feel her kick and move and when she wakes up. But I always try to feel her anyway. So this morning lying in bed Kristi announced that Kayci was awake, so I put my hand on The Belly. 

I had only had my hand there for a few seconds when I felt this little push from inside. It was very definite. Now, other times I’ve thought I’ve felt Kayci, but I was never sure it was more than some kind of violent pregnant-lady gas thing because it didn’t really feel like anything. But this was a kick. It was hard! Not so hard that it kicked my hand away, but it was a definite pressure… a message from the inner depths of Baby Land. Kristi confirmed that when she said, “did you feel that?” Apparently, Kayci was hungry and not too happy about it…

I kept feeling for a little while longer, but never did get the same type of kick again. Finally, we had to get up, but I was happy knowing that I had actually felt a kick. Mommy’s baby monopoly is over!!!

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