Thursday, September 10, 2009

We Did It! HE Did It!

Nights have been getting longer and longer around here lately...if you've been following our little saga, you know that sleeping in Kayci's room has done nothing for Noble's schedule. In fact, lately he's been waking up at least twice a night, and wanting to wake up for the day between five and five thirty. Daddy and I are zombies some days, and we finally decided that it was time. So...we've been working up to it, and last night, we did it. HE did it! We put Noble in his crib at bedtime with lots of hugs and kisses, and then left him there. He cried for less than a minute and went right to sleep. He woke up again right about 9:30 and cried for maybe two minutes, then went back to sleep. He woke up one more time again during the night, and then just now...but each time he cried just a bit before going back to sleep. And of course a few minutes after he quit/quits crying we go in and cover him up, check on him...and he's fine. Turns out, it wasn't Noble who needed training at all.
It was us. :)

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