Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hidden Option C...

Last year we put the green box in front of the Christmas tree to protect it from our crawling Bubby. This year, the threat is even more real...he climbs, he jumps, he falls down on top of things, he loves to play with balls and anything shiny..but we put the green box there and prayed it would do the job. The good news is, the box is doing the job we put it there to do. Noble...never mind, I won't say it and jinx it. But being that it's Noble, he did find ANOTHER way to use the box.

The other night we watched a little bit of "Elf" before the kids went to bed, to ease back into school routine after a great vacation. Well, Noble wasn't too happy when we turned everything off to get ready for bed. James and I both got busy putting Kayci to bed, and we thought Noble was playing. Turns out, he had something bigger and better in mind. He climbed up on the green box, pulled not one but TWO remote controls out of the bucket and turned on the TV AND started up the Apple TV. Seriously??

We're in big trouble. And yes, we did stop to snap a picture before we pulled him down.

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