Monday, September 13, 2010

Bye, bye, Baby!

We're still not sure what happened, but somehow Noble's "Baby" got lost in the shuffle on Saturday. When we realized it was really, truly gone, we decided to take the opportunity and run. We're all tired of saying, "take your Baby out so we can understand you!" to Charlie Brown's teacher.

Daddy was proactive--he picked up a couple of stand-ins at HEB just in case the night got too long with all of the screaming and what not. But to our surprise, we explained to Noble that his Baby was lost/gone and that was it. He's asked for it exactly twice, and both times I've asked him, "where did you put your Baby?" His answer is "don't KNOW..." and then he moves on. He's made it through two nights now without asking for Baby once during the night, so we'll consider this a Baby-free home!

God is so good, because if this happy little accident hadn't occurred, we probably would have TOTALLY overthought it and screwed up taking the pacifier away! :)

PS--If you have one of Noble's Babies at your house...please throw it away before we get there!

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