Saturday, November 27, 2010

That Me Sitting on Santa's Wap!

That's what Noble said when he saw this picture.  Turns out, he DID sit on Santa's wap...and he told him what he wanted for Christmas (Thomas de Twain).  Kayci told him she wants books.  :)  When we walked away, Noble kept turning around and looking at Santa. He got my attention, "Hey, where my toy?"  He thought he'd tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas--and get it!  This Christmas thing must be so confusing for our literal little guy...but so far, so fun.  He reminds us so much of Kayci at this age (minus the screaming and behavior issues and messes) when he starts telling stories in his sweet little voice.

We'll have to catch up--Daddyboy has taken some amazing pictures this past few days--but I thought I'd share that Noble did, in fact, climb into Santa's wap instead of giving him a high five.  How brave!  He got a kick out of the Christmas lights...I can't wait to see what he thinks about our decorating when we get home.  Kayci can't wait to set her Christmas tree up in her room.  I can't wait for cider...for getting the tree...all of it!  It will be a fun weekend...and I can't wait to hear Kayci explain it all to her Bubby.  :)

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