Sunday, December 18, 2011

Go Tell It On the Mountain

Today at church, Kayci and Noble (and the other kids at church) dressed up and sang "Go Tell It On the Mountain."

Kayci and Mommygirl made a white tutu for Kayci and a halo out of garland.   We borrowed some angel wings from a friend and her costume was complete.  It's not tough to make Kayci look like an angel.

But the real challenge was Noble.

When they started practicing the song at church a few weeks ago, he came home and said that he was going to be a wise man.  When asked what a wise man wore, he said "you know, a cape, wike a superhero."  He had it in his mind that a wise man was a superhero and that he should wear a cape.

We tried and tried to convince him that a wise man should dress like he dressed when he dressed up like Joseph at school. But to no avail.  So Kristi - being the best Mommy ever - bought him a cape to wear.

Then - yesterday - a stroke of brilliance!  If we could convince him to wear a crown, the cape might be okay.  Success!!!  So Noble wore a red superhero cape and a gold crown, a Cars tie and carried a box painted gold.  Apparently, the wise men brought gold bricks...

Here is some video if the kids singing from two different angles:

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Noble looks so nice. He's the cutest.