Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bird-Day Party Prep

The countdown is on...Noble's Bird-Day party is next week!  Don't fret if you didn't get an invitation...nobody did, other than his classmates.  It was a tough decision, but since I *forgot* to reserve the room a year ago, I could only get it for the Friday night before Spring Break--nobody wants to drive in for that!--and also, Noble has 20+ classmates that he wanted to invite...his friends + our family + our friends + MOPS + AWANA + Germania...I don't think the place would even hold that many people, or that we could get enough pizza!  :)  So, please don't have your feelings hurt, but be happy that Bubby is getting exactly* the party he wants...Angry Birds!

*Although, he told me that his birthday wish is going to be for a REAL Angry Birds party...you know, wif real birds!

Noble's countdown--that's his invite.  :)

We owe Grandma and Ms. Lisa BIG for saving and washing all of these cans...

...that are going to be pigs!  
Recognize his Valentines bag?  
It's been surgically corrected (big tape!) to hold his golden egg favors...wish it luck!

Some more games waiting on paint and a little detailing.  You'll have to wait and see...

...and these are going to be FUN!


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