Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Letter to a Friend

Dear friend,
It's hard not to wonder who you are or why you would choose to bless our family in such an amazing, generous way.  We have prayed quite a bit since the bank called with your good news the other day, and we know now that the "who" and the "why" are not important.  It's the "what" you've done that has already blessed us beyond imagining.  Your generosity is staggering, and our prayer for you is that you will be blessed greatly for your kindness (actually, we believe that to be true already...God's amazing that way!).  We pray this brings you great joy each time you remember this kind act.  I doubt you will let us repay you, but know that we will do the same someday in your honor.  We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
James, Kristi, Kayci & Noble Pharaon

Two days ago, almost to the hour, I was sitting in this very same spot, working on this very same computer.  The phone rang.

It was a local bank (we don't currently bank there).  I was very confused, and the sweet lady very happily told me that someone who would like to remain anonymous would like to open up a savings account for each of our children.  Just because he (or she!) thinks so highly of them, she said.

We have prayed quite a bit about whether or not to share this.  It's crazy, right?

But think of all the crazy, wonderful, generous people we know.  You are all capable of this...we are blessed with wonderful friends and family.  My gut says it's someone we know here in Brenham, and my heart hopes that it's someone I get to hug on a regular basis and that I will have the opportunity to serve you again and again.  Then again, I could be wrong.  It really doesn't matter who you are...that's what my mind keeps circling around to.

You know I wished I could write a quick, elegant and eloquent thank you...that didn't happen.  It's a mess.  I could write PAGES and PAGES of thankful thoughts to you, dear friend, and I hope to be able to put this down on paper someday when my brain is not spinning quite so much.  I finally quit trying, and just wrote what was in my heart.  Well, what I could fit on the page.  I totally threw in a PS page, too, because I'm me.

As for me, I pray you're someone who's reading this, and who knows that we do not take this lightly.  I pray that you'll be blessed beyond imagining for what you're doing for our children...but I suspect you already have been.  I hope this brings you endless joy and delight.  And I hope that anyone who's reading this will follow your example and give...and then give some more.  I hope our friends and family will continue to give freely, generously, often...and remember you as they do.  

And of course, to remember the One who gave all.  

As for us, we'll keep spreading the word that amazing people do exist, and we know at least one.  

Thank you, dear friend.  

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