Monday, October 29, 2012

Corn Maze

After church yesterday, we had a picnic then headed out to the Brazos Corn Maize. It was wonderful, and the people were so nice! Our goal was to get photos for a little happy (fall 2013!), but the kids sure had a blast. James took "real" pictures, but here are a couple of fun ones. The fifth Pharaon, Levi, was with us this weekend, so that's the extra kid on the bridge. :)

Bubby played hard...then he slept hard until it was time for trunk or treat. He slept through a 90 minute visit to the Carroll's new house while the kids played all that's tired!


iss pyar ko main kia naam doon said...

so nice blogger i like all the pots

Lisa Ann said...

So happy that Levi is the 5th Pharaon!