Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Reading Blankie

Last night we got home late after Maifest practice and dinner at Grandma's. On nights like that I read really short books to Noble at bedtime. Last night I chose one of his favorite books of all time - Blankie, which is a board book that is really meant for babies but which he still loves.

On one page, there is a picture of a family that looks remarkably like our family and I've always pointed to the characters and asked him "who is this?"


"Who is this?"


"Who is this?"


"Who is this?"

"Noble." (but last night he said "me.")

And last night I pointed to the other little boy on the page and asked "who is this?" This question usually doesn't yield an answer or he'll tell me "I don't know."

"Randell" was the answer last night.

Randell is one of Noble's best friends at school, and I don't know why but his answer made me so happy. But when he answered, he just sounded so happy.

Later in the book there is a page that contains the words "birthday cake." As you might've seen, Noble has been learning to read and write and "brfday" is one of his favorite words to write out. As I read it and turned the page, he stopped me and asked me to go back.

"That doesn't say "birfday. That says Birt day."

Then I explained to him about the th sound and how it sounds.

So that, unfortunately, might be the end of "birfday," but it shows me that he's taking a lot of pride and delight in his newfound ability to read and sound things out. And especially important - he's asking questions about it.

I just love that boy more and more every day. It's so fun watching him grow.

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