Thursday, February 6, 2014

Noble's Fundraiser

When Noble came home last week and informed me that he "needed" to sell 20 items for the spring fundraiser so he could ride to Cici's Pizza in a limousine, I informed him that he'd better get to work.  So he did--he made a really cute video for y'all asking you to buy stuff from him.  

But I can't get it to load.  Sigh.

So, if you want to help Noble realize his new dream of riding in a limo, please go online and buy something.  Anything.  Or, if you want to order from me, give me a call and I'll have Noble take your order.  By the way, if you want to know what Noble recommends, it's the cookie dough.

Specifically, the colored cookie dough.  

Cause you could make snakes and stuff.

And who doesn't want to eat cookie snakes, y'all?

If you've got free money and free time, head to and you'll need this info:

Online Group Code: 70KRAEBT
Seller ID: 840065

If you're wondering, this isn't exactly how I pictured Noble doing the work himself, but you can bet he'll be writing some thank you notes.

Hopefully, on a picture of him in a limousine.  :)  

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