Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Family Meeting!

Kayci has decided that we should have weekly Family Meetings. I'm not sure where the idea came from, but she's very into it. So last Friday we had the first Family Meeting, complete with name badges and a written agenda (made by Kayci. Keep up.). At first she wanted Family Meetings to fall at the end of the week so we could talk about the week that just finished...but now she's decided that we should have Family Meetings at the BEGINNING of the week so we can talk about what's coming up. She worked off and on during the weekend to prepare for yesterday's Family Meeting...and I had to tell her several times yesterday (even when her friends were here!) that the Family Meeting wasn't until after dinner and homework. Finally, the time came, and she revealed the centerpiece of last night's event: Pin the Hat on the Daddy. I'd seen it before, since I laminated it for her...but James was tickled to see his paper likeness. So tickled, he took it to work today to display in his cube. I'm sure you can all figure out who won the game...I'll give you a hint: Noble came in 4th, then me, then Daddy. The winner MAY have used her other hand to feel around a bit. I'm just sayin'.

Kayci's favorite part of the meetings, I'd guess, are the questions she prepares ahead of time. She'll ask us each the same question and she records the answers in a journal she's prepared just for Family Meetings. It's pretty cool, and pretty oh, she's gonna be too much like me, all at the same time. :)

Last night's Family Meeting revealed one thing: it's going to be a busy, great week. Hope yours is the same! :)

And please join us in wishing a belated Happy Birthday to Aunt Susan--please know that we've MEANT to call you each of the past 2 days. For whatever it's worth. We love you BIG! :)

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