Saturday, April 17, 2010

The last couple of weeks...

We went to Ronny's house Easter weekend for crawfish and our traditional Easter activities: the bunny cake, dyeing eggs, and hunting eggs. Everything was going great until someone (I won't name names) forgot where he (or she) hid an egg (inside Ronny & Amy's house). Did I mention we did the egg hunt with the eggs we dyed? You can see how that lost egg might cause a stink later. Luckily, Amy's powers of detection are amazing. Whew--that was a close one!

April 7th--Adam turned 17!!


Yesterday, Katie got her Aggie ring. Can you believe she's just a few months away from graduation already?!


Today we're off to Home Sweet Farm to check out produce, then we'll head to San Antonio (quick trip!) to celebrate Miss Molly's 2nd birthday.

We hope that YOU are having a great weekend, too!

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