Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Something New

I was just sitting down to post about Noble's new adventure, but I see that Heather beat me to it. :) Let me explain...

Noble no longer attends daycare, which has already had such a positive effect on him--and our family. But...I still have to work. Before we pulled him from daycare, James and I talked to our friend Heather about watching him on the days I have to commute. Her oldest son is in Kayci's class and her youngest son is 2 years older than Noble...they play great together, and Noble LOVES being at their house. It just felt like a good fit, for all of us.

So today was his first day at Ms. Heather's. We did a trial run yesterday, and he did great--got right into her car, never asked for me, nothing. (Hmmph.) This morning when James dropped him off in the parking lot of Kayci's school, same thing...not a word. We knew he was excited--he was so happy to pack his little backpack this morning and Daddy said he talked all the way to (he loves Alex's play kitchen!).

Here's our big boy getting ready to go meet Ms. Heather. To hear about the rest of his day, go check out her post.

Thanks, Heather--you have made this Mommy very happy!!!! :)

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Heather said...

Thank you for giving me this opportunity! It's definitely a good fit for all of us!