Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of Second

Yesterday was the first day of second grade for Kayci. She woke up really excited and in a great mood (which she does just about any time she gets to wear a new outfit).


Mommy painted her nails and wrote on them with a special nail pen they bought the day before.

Kayci dined on 2-shaped pancakes (which makes them taste better, of course).

We all got dressed in good time and then it was time to take our yearly photo on the front porch. Noble wanted in on the fun, too:


Noble was determined that he was going to school, too. So Kristi packed him some snacks in his Toy Story lunchbox and he proudly escorted Kayci in to the school. It was really fun watching teachers do a double-take and then ask "is he starting this year?" or "doesn't he have a couple of years to go still?" I assured them that he wouldn't be attending Krause Elementary ... that he's here to teach.


Kayci was so excited!

On the way in, Kayci got to hug Miss Allison, her pre-school teacher (who now works at Krause).

Headed to class... (she didn't even want to wait for us).

Kayci sat down at her desk and went right to work.


One more hug from Bubby...

After leaving Krause, Starbucks is a first day of school tradition...

Noble got to break open his snacks...

And even did a great job of sharing with a friend.


Kayci had a great first day at school. She loved her classes and her teachers (she splits her day between two teachers this year) She resolved - in a very mature way - the little BFF problem she encountered over the weekend. And she got her first Star Buck of the year (given for being a good student, good example or helping out). In all, it was a very good first day. The only thing that would have made it better was if she had lost a tooth, too.

And best of all, she's excited about doing it all again on the second day of second.

See the entire set on Flickr here.

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