Monday, August 16, 2010

Missing Miss Cindy

Miss Cindy passed away this weekend. I keep trying to figure out what to say, but there just aren't words. Our hearts are broken for her family; for Madeline, her father, her brother and sister.

Noble wasn't wild about daycare. At all. But he loved Miss Cindy, and was fine as long as she was around. (Well, not so much on picture day, appparently.) We owe a debt of gratitude to Miss Cindy for making the transition to daycare as painless as possible (for all of us!) and this was oh, so apparent when Noble aged out of Cindy's room and daycare was downhill from there. There's so much more we could say, because there was a lot more to Miss Cindy than that. She loved her kids, at home and at school, and was...just good people. Her whole family is wonderful, and this has been such a shock for them and for everyone who knows and loves her. We miss her already.

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