Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Day of School!

You read that right! It is totally a God thing how this came about (and Ms. Heather helped!), but 2 phone calls on Monday answered several prayers. :) We visited St. Paul's yesterday and of course we all loved it, so Noble started today. He'll go on Wednesdays for now, and if it's a good fit for him we'll look at 2-3 days next year. For now, we're just praying for a good day today. So far, so good!

He woke up at 4:45 ready to go...he's so OUR kid.

Traditional first day pictures, but with the added bonus of overdue Christmas decorations. And, you're welcome!

He was so proud of the little gift he had for his teacher...he wanted it to be in all of the pictures. Sweet boy!

There's a smile!

And one with Kayci...

And one with his teacher, Ms. Stacy. He was smiling before I snapped this, but that look is so Noble this one was a keeper.

As for Mommy, I think I'm still in shock...but I'm in awe of how it all has played out. It's amazing what happens when I get out of God's way :).

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