Friday, January 7, 2011

Noble's First Day Video

Please pardon me if this doesn't work--it was my first time to ever upload to YouTube and now try to embed it in the blog without James' help.  Crossing my fingers!

Noble had a GREAT day at school...when we picked him up, Ms. Stacy said that he cried a little when I left that morning, but that he was fine in just a second.  (He agreed with her:  "Yep, I cwied when you go bye.")  He fit right into the routine and enjoyed playing and eating and sleeping (when I asked him, in front of Ms. Stacy, what the best part of his day was he said, "Sweeping!"--that's Bubby for sleeping.  Suck up.)  He was in a great mood when we picked him up, and in the car he listed several toys he enjoyed playing with (especially some sort of blocks that have snapping things that you can build and make a building or a pyramid).

I think it was a great experience for everyone involved, and next week we'll try it again.  I'm sure we'll bore you with details, don't worry!

As for big sister, Kayci got her report card yesterday.  She's my girl--she was like, "95??  Why so low??"  Hee hee.  Her highest grade was a 99 in Social Studies (I think they all get 99s), and she said yesterday that Science and Social Studies are her favorite subjects.  That totally fits, as she's so curious about history and how things work in the world.  Kayci is excelling in every way this year, but I will say that the whole girl drama thing rears its ugly head every now and again.  This started a bit last year, but this year there have been a few days when Kayci's come home grumpy because she got into an argument  with friends or someone wanted to play with someone else...I know these are life lessons, but man, it hurts to see her sad.  She's learning who her real friends are.  We all have to go through it, I know.  :(

So that's it from our little corner of the world.  Hope you all have a great weekend!

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