Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wait a second... I know that girl!

The Mac rumor web has been all abuzz this week about some photos that were posted to Apparently, when someone got their new 3G iPhone home they found some photos on it of a "12 year old factory worker" at FoxConn in Taiwan, which assembles iPhones and iPods. The photos were supposedly test photos that didn't get deleted before the phone shipped.

I remember my brother in law, Ronny telling me that their apartment in Taiwan is very close to FoxConn. "Cool," I thought.

Then I saw the photo (above).

Suddenly it became clear why this weekend when I spoke to my niece, Reagan, on the phone she was less than forthcoming about her week at school. And also why she never has time to write on their family blog. And why she's always so tired. Jetlag, huh? Yeah, right.

Hey, Reagan... Hang in there! And snag me a 16 gigger, okay?

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