Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fresh Broccoli

In early September we planted a small garden in our back yard that consisted of broccoli and cabbage (and some sunflowers that died almost immediately). According to the card that came with each kind of plant, the broccoli would be ready in October and the cabbage would be ready in November. It wasn't.

On Thursday evening, some of the broccoli was finally ready to cut. So Kayci and I went out in the garden and cut three bunches of broccoli to cook.

We put it in a stir-fry with some other kinds of vegetables, and it made a great dinner. It's the first time I've ever had broccoli that fresh, and I think you could really taste the difference.

Now, if only the cabbage would get ready in time for New Years dinner. Oh, wait...

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Lin said...

wow! good job! your veggie sure looks good! hope the kids are enjoying it too! ;)