Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The first graders at Kayci's school were assigned a project: create a timeline of your life. We handed it over to Kayci and let her lead the way in choosing events, pictures, writing the accompanying sentences...you name it, she did it. And she did a darn good job. Now, others may have been fancier and more perfectly in alignment. But Kayci did it all--and she is so proud of herself. She got in the car today and told me how only a couple of the projects look like the kid did it (she brought it up, not me!). I was shocked, but then I remembered, it's Kayci. She notices everything!

Daddy and I were surprised at what she included (and what she left out), but here are the events that made the final cut:

2003: birth :)
2005: Dora birthday party
2008: Noble being born the same place she was
2008: starting Kindergarten
2009: visiting the Liberty Bell (God help us, she picked the picture where it looks like she's LICKING the Liberty Bell...great)
2009: the day she lost her first tooth

I could NOT be more proud of this kid. She amazes me every day with her insight and her heart. Of course, most days she also frustrates the heck out of me because we're so alike...but it all evens out to one awesome kid!

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