Sunday, March 28, 2010

First Time Skating

One of Kayci's best friends had her seventh birthday at the local skating rink here in Brenham yesterday. We were really excited because it was the first time for both Kayci and Noble to skate.

We learned a lot of lessons yesterday, including:

1. Somewhere about 1983, time stopped inside the Brenham Silver Wings skating rink. But in a totally awesome way.
2. Even the kids who everything seem to come naturally to sometimes have something that they're not good at immediately.
3. Even despite tears and exhaustion and little brothers, skating rinks are lots of fun!

Here are some photo from the party. To see more, check out the album on Flickr:

Noble's skates


The evening started out with such promise...



But then it got a little rough when it wasn't as easy as it looks...


Actually,not everyone thought skating was all that tough...


But thanks to these cool little frames with wheels, all wasn't lost.

And before long, everyone was having a great time as skating started to get a little easier.





And then, in a completely awesome turn of events, the skies opened up, the angels began singing and there were nachos! And Pepsi Throwback!!! And candy! And cake!!!



And a few bonus images:






We can't wait to go skating again!

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The Cordovas said...

James / Kristi,

By the judge of the pics, the kids had a good day at the rink. I know exactly what you mean about Silver Wings not changing, James, it doesn't suprise me in the least that they wouldn't change the atmosphere inside (if it ain't broke, don't fix it), as long as they can get a good crowd to keep the place alive. I was talking to my uncle not too long ago about Silver Wings (my cousin Shelly Moschak's dad, Kristi...BTW, how did yall's coffee date go? Did you ever get a chance to make that happen? I told her I met you and she was tickled, small world) and he said that place will never's prime entertainment! I even saw some really good concerts there when they used to close the rink on Saturday nights for local or upcoming country stars (Doug Supernaw, Toby Keith to name a few). Anyway, I'm glad everyone had a good time!


Andy Cordova