Saturday, March 13, 2010

Silly Saturday

Today we saw a really cute red VW with black ladybug dots. James and I both said, "now THAT's a Kayci car!" She piped up from the backseat, "No, it's not. I want a pink..."
(now, we're expecting her to say slug bug or something...)
...armored car."
(Buh-huh? Nope, haven't a clue.)

Later, in Target, James was picking on her as we walked by her clothes section. He grabbed an empty hanger off a rack and said, "hey, Bitty, bet this invisible dress would look great on you!" And she says..."I'm wearing it right now."
(That's my snappy girl!)

And much, much later, we had to run to College Station for a couple of errands. Since we didn't get the kids ice cream as promised (and because it was, well, 9:00 pm), we just let them pick out some candy for the ride home. Kayci picked peanut butter cups and Noble picked plain M&Ms. And then a few minutes later he walked up sucking on a push pop, so he got that, too (yes, we paid for it). We got loaded in the car and a few minutes later from the back seat we heard, "Nandy...I wike nandy!!!!" (Probably had to be there, but the kid has a SERIOUS sweet tooth.)

That's just a little bit of our Saturday. Hope yours has been just as silly!

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