Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gumming up the works

Noble dislikes riding in the car for long periods of time. (Expect tears and screaming on a trip to Houston, even.) Both kids were such troopers with 2 trips to Dallas in the past 5 days, but we did hit a bit of a rough patch yesterday.

Keep in mind, Noble almost always has a handful of something, whether it's coins, dice, cars...something. Sometimes, when he gets mad and the screaming doesn't accomplish his goal, those items will go flying. That's the bad news. The good news? He's got GREAT aim. (Half full, folks.)

So there's the background. You should also know the boy loves, loves to chew gum--and he's great about giving it back to Mommy when he's done. Usually. At one point yesterday, Noble asked for green gum. A few minutes later, I noticed that he wasn't chewing it anymore and I thought, great, we'll get to Uncle Phil's service and find gum in Noble's seat. Or...

...right as we pulled into Dallas, James found the gum. I guess Noble got mad and threw it, and got it right in the little hole in the Pilot's headrest. Good shot, Bubby!

This has nothing to do with that, but I didn't want to clog inboxes with back-to-back e-mails. Here's today's bonus shot...Friday at Aunt Mary's viewing, James took pictures of flower arrangements, etc. I don't know what made him say "yes," but he let Kayci take the camera and she WOWED us. She has a really good eye for detail, and her photos tended to be of small details instead of "scenes." Yesterday she took the camera again...I can't wait to see what she snapped!

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