Friday, June 25, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Bubs. Um, Babes.

(Crazies at the Library)

These are a few things I've overheard this week:

1. Yesterday in the car, Noble was watching "Gavin and Kayci go Camping." (He plays the part of the monster in the movie.) He leans over and whispers to Kayci, "'s a monster!" So, playing along (she thinks!), Kayci replies, "a monster?!" and then Noble says, in his agitated loud voice, "Kayci!! I'm 'cared of monsters!" Like, you know I'm scared of monsters, why on earth would you say that?!

2. Also yesterday, we were on the highway and there's a new outdoor kitchen place. Noble said, "MomMom, what's that?" So I started explaining, you know how Daddy cooks on the grill, that's a place that sells grills...and the little smarty pants says, "Oh, so a 'tore?" (store) Um, yeah. It's a grill store--why didn't I say that in the first place?

3. Wednesday night we had a fun night of dinner and fishing with the Trevinos. At about 8:00 Noble was done fishing and we started packing it up. James told Tony that we needed to leave because Noble was tired, and when Noble overheard him he said, "And Kayci tired." Kayci overheard HIM, and she said, "I'm not tired." So Noble turns around and yells: "KAYCI! Kayci IS tired." I guess if he's going to bed, he's taking her down with him...

4. Noble has learned how to say our last name. Kind of. A few weeks ago, I asked his name. "Boble." Noble what? "Boble-y." (Nobley. Hee hee.) While James was in Denver, Kayci and I taught Noble that our last name is Pharaon. So now when you ask, what's your name, you hear "Boble A-raon." Then there's "Kayci A-raon, Da Da A-raon, Mom Mom A-raon." :) I love it!

5. Last Saturday morning, we were packing up to go to Houston. Noble had been asking for birthday cake all morning and of course we kept telling him no, we just had breakfast. Before we left, James was putting a piece of cake in a tupperware to take to Jhido. Noble asked for a piece of cake and James said, "No, this is for Jhido." Noble kept asking and finally James said, "okay, you can have a little piece." From the bedroom, Kayci heard him and said, "Can I have a piece, too?" Before James could answer, Noble yelled back, "KAYCI! It Jhido!" (Kayci, it's for Jhido! Like, duh, didn't you hear Daddy...NO, you can't have any!)

6. Last Saturday night as Noble was falling asleep, I whispered, "I love you," just like every night. He opened his eyes and smiled at me and said "I lo' you. Big." That's the first time he's said "I love you BIG" without copying or prompting. Awwwww.

I love being a Mommy to these kids. :)

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