Thursday, May 29, 2008


Today was a big, big day for our family: it was Kayci’s last day of preschool. They had a “Moving On to Kindergarten” celebration and we had one last potluck lunch with her friends and their families. I only cried twice today, so I’m feeling like I did okay. Kayci was just excited to get to wear her new dress and “Princess” shoes (she overheard Ms. Alison telling me yesterday that the kids could wear “whatever they want” today, so too-small shoes it is!). Today’s a hard day in a lot of ways, but I’m really proud of the person that Kayci is and is becoming. She’s beautiful inside where it counts, and it doesn’t hurt that her exterior is pretty gorgeous, as well. :) But seriously, she’s a great kid. I couldn’t be more proud…but I’m not ready for her to be this BIG.

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