Friday, May 16, 2008

Triple Whammy

Noble had a big day yesterday. It was his 2-month Well-Baby visit. They weighed and measured him (that’s in his Babybook if you want specifics), and he’s exactly average. :) Developmentally he’s on track, and all in all it was a good visit. And then…

Whammy 1: I brought up our feeding concerns—Noble’s just not doing well with his formula. Kayci couldn’t handle cow’s milk as an infant, and we’ve tried the lower lactose formula for him but he still has so much gas and then, of course, the tummy aches. So, we went over the options and decided to switch him to soy formula (which worked beautifully for Bitty). After the doctor, we went to Wal-Mart and bought some, and he has done so well with the switch! Much less gas IMMEDIATELY. He’s still spitting up, but that seems to be mostly after his antibiotic, which is…

Whammy 2: Dr. Draehn asked how Noble had been sleeping the past few days. I explained about Grandma and the traveling, etc. and that he’d been more fussy than normal but with good reason. Turns out, he has a bigger reason—his first ear infection. Hence, the antibiotic.

Whammy 3: 2-month immunizations. Noble did really well with the actual shots, and quit crying as soon as I picked him up. But since then, he’s run the typical fever and been more lethargic and fussy than normal. He slept a LOT yesterday, and we let him…Kayci did not do well with this same round of shots, so we were kind of expecting a rough 24-48 hours. It hasn’t been horrible, so we’re relieved. 24 hours to go…cross your fingers!


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