Thursday, May 1, 2008

Noble Smile

In the past week or so, Noble has really become a lot more alert. He’ll lock his eyes onto you and track you as you walk across the room. He’s also started showing glimmers of recognition. He’ll look at you for a little while and give you a quick little smile if he recognizes you. It’s not the full-on beaming smile that babies give that lights up the room (yet), but we’re getting there.

He especially loves to smile for Mommy.

But unfortunately, Noble isn’t as in love with the camera as his sister was, so we have yet to really capture one of his smiles. Even if, as he did last night, he smiles several times in a row he’ll clam up as soon as the camera is brought out.

But Kristi managed to capture one of his fleeting smiles on her phone and e-mailed it to me today. It’s not the big smile that he gives you with big, bright eyes – it’s the tail end of a smile. But you get the idea from the photo.

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