Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fun with Friends...

I’m totally supposed to be working (shh…) but couldn’t resist! Yesterday I was having kind of one of those mornings…fussy baby, big kid who needed more than Mommy had to offer. My friend Paula called and when we started talking she said, let Kayci come over and play. She even offered to come get her, but I thought that getting out of the house for a walk would be good for me and Mr. Shots. So, we walked over to Paula’s. As soon as we got there, Kayci took off to play with the boys and I sat down (for a minute) in the big comfy chair to catch up with Paula. I think all 3 of us relaxed immediately…Noble went to sleep (for the first time that morning), Kayci was having a blast, and I enjoyed visiting with Paula. I left there AN HOUR AND A HALF LATER feeling like a whole new Mommy. (And Paula fed Kayci lunch, too!) I told James when he came home for lunch how blessed I feel to have the Headleys right around the corner. :)

So here are some fun pics…one of the things about going over to the Headleys is that it’s a place where we can totally relax and PLAY. We spend a lot of time in their backyard!

This is from Lydia’s 6th birthday party: Kayci painted my nails, then the boys wanted to help. As many of you saw, I had tie-dyed nails for 2 weeks, but I wouldn’t trade that hour for the world.

This one’s just for fun: Paula’s parents were visiting from Iowa, so we took Noble over to meet them. Noah wanted Noble to ride in his stroller (yep, it’s a doll stroller) and you know I can’t tell him no…

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