Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Day!

We were supposed to head down to Houston this afternoon for a funeral, but before we could pick up the kids and head down, it started to snow! So the trip was off. At first, the flakes were huge and if it could "pour down" snow, that would be the best description of what it looked like.


We picked up Noble from school, and he was really excited about the snow.





We picked up Kayci and headed home to bundle up and play outside in the snow. At first, we just played on the deck, where we found out that Noble and Kayci are both ridiculously good at making snow balls.




Then we noticed that the snow had started to accumulate, so we moved out to the hill behind our house. The kids seemed to explore it at first as if it were the surface of an alien planet. Then Noble charged across the hill.


Pretty soon, the exploring stopped and the playing began:






And, of course, a snow ball fight broke out...



Then Kayci wanted to make a snow man. (Actually, it turned out to be a snow girl, but more on that later...) The snow had accumulated to about an inch, so Kristi suggested that we try to roll the snow on the ground like we see in movies. It worked! So were able to make the biggest snow man any of us had ever made before!






And finally, Kayci made a snow angel before we headed in for dry clothes and hot chocolate!


What an unexpected, fun day!

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