Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Times, They Are a Changin'...

Kayci's speech has always been very clear. There wasn't a lot of the cute baby talk, which was good, but you know, not as cute as the little kids you see on TV. There were a couple of things she said that I just loved...she'd say "buhout" instead of "without," i.e. "me and Daddy went buhout YOU." Taco Cabana was "the taco store." My favorite was "Chik-il-A," though. I'll never forget the day we were in the Target parking lot in Cypress and she said something about Chik-fil-A. Then she said, "Mommy? Didn't you HEAR me? I said Chik-FFFFFFFil-A!" Oh, it broke my heart a little. She was almost three.

Noble has a lot more speech substitutions and some pretty interesting word formations. Nothing to worry about, but we all smile a lot at the silly things he says. Kayci will get him to say the things he says the craziest just to hear it. I think we're all a little guilty of that.

My absolute favorite word in Noblese is his name. He uses it very appropriately, can answer "what's your name?" and "who has...?" and "who wants to...?" but our favorite way he uses his name is as a possessive. "Whose car is that?" "Boble's." "Whose bed is this?" "Boble's." And our favorite...when he wants something of yours, he'll grab it, look at you sideways and say, "Boble's" to attempt to mark his territory. I love it!

Alas, all good things must come to an end and babies must grow up. Last weekend, Daddy was talking to Noble and Noble slipped with a "Noble" instead of a "Boble." I guess he realized it...because he hasn't said it since. I have to admit, I stopped Kayci the other day when she was coaching him, "Nnnnnnnn-Noble" because I'm not ready for Boble to go away, just yet.


Wouldn't it be awesome if there'd been a video of him talking on this post?

Hmm. If only someone in our house had the capability.

Hmm. If only.

Blog pressure. Gotta love it!

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