Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Day...take 2

James got "real" pictures of the kids with Cindy the SnowPerson this morning, but here's one I snapped with my phone when I went out to pick up what was left of her accessories...I suspect some neighborhood kids may have dismantled her. Darn kids.

Last night was a long night for everyone. I'm not sure if the kids' colds have morphed into ear or throat problems, but either way, playing outside in the snow yesterday had some major repercussions. (Clinic for both kids this afternoon--yea!!!) To distract Kayci while we waited for the Motrin to knock out her earache, I asked her to write a story about our snowman. Turns out, she's a snow PERSON. I apologize, Cindy, I really had no idea. I mean, the leopard sort of gave it away, but my apologies. Here's Kayci's story:

This morning it's gorgeous outside, and there's still a little snow on roofs and cars. Luckily there's no ice on the streets and everything is back to normal. :)

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