Friday, July 2, 2010

Dear Tyler,

We had so much fun meeting your family!

You guys are just as awesome as I imagined...nope, even more awesome. Your Mommy's baking was totally blogworthy!

Please tell your Mommy I feel 100% better today, and please tell your Daddy I don't blame the Varsity for my bad choices. :)

Ducky Bear has already been unpacked, played with, and put away. Do you see him in this picture?

Oh, I almost forgot! We went to the store today, and I remembered your advice. Sure enough, the Oxiclean took all of the red Gatorade out of my bag. Whew! What a relief!

Just to be sure, I bought a plan b, but I didn't even need it. Thus time...

It sure is good to be back home...

...and sleep in our own beds.

I hope you guys have a sunny weekend (give your Mommy a birthday hug from us!).

Talk soon,

Me :)

--out & about :)

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