Thursday, July 15, 2010

file under random...

I found a note to myself this morning and thought I'd blog about it so it enters our family record.

The note is dated 6/25 (a week after Kayci's birthday). We were in Houston, and for some reason I said, "I have a surprise for Kayci...and for Noble, too!" Noble said, "A pwise? It baby effant (elephant)." It struck me as funny because he was so nonchalant about it. Well, my surprise wasn't a baby elephant. I forget what it was now, but the whole time surrounding Kayci's birthday if you'd ask Noble what he was getting Kayci for her birthday, he'd say "baby effant." He didn't get her one for her birthday...but on the 25th, after the whole surprise baby elephant conversation, he did find one at Texas Art and buy it for her. And promptly took it away and kept it for himself.

Told you it was random. As we prepare for our annual Circus trek next week, I'm excited to see what Noble thinks about the REAL baby elephants. And not so baby lions and tigers... :)

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