Friday, July 9, 2010

That's What You Get...

...when you hand Noble a bowl of eggshells and ask him to throw them away.

We realized a few months ago this was happening--but not before, unfortunately, he threw away a good quarter of our wedding silverware. Now we watch him a lot more closely when he takes care of his dishes after meals.

This morning the kids wanted breakfast tacos, so Noble of course helped me make the eggs. He really loves to cook, which is so much like Bitty at this age. Grandpa had her up on the counter breaking eggs and cooking before her 2nd birthday, I think. :) James is so good about cooking with the kids, and he helps me remember to involve them, too. Now that Noble cooks all the time with Daddy, though, he usually won't let you in the kitchen without his help!

It's a great day here...everyone's up and playing, kids are happy and looking forward to wherever the day takes us. I love having Ronny's kids here--NOW it feels like summer!

(And for those of you who know about my OCD tendencies...after I pulled the bowl out of the trash, I also pulled out the Capri Sun wrapper and plastic tub for recycling. I just couldn't NOT do it!)

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