Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birthday Wishes...

Many of you have called, texted, e-mailed, get the idea...asking about Noble's birthday.  If it were up to us, we'd say--just send him a card (he loves the singing ones, but thinks Ant Peggy sings every one since they're usually from her.  By the way, Peg, a few days ago his thankful thought was "Ant Peggy because she bought me that card!")  I digress.

If you MUST buy the child a gift, think small, because he does.  Noble loves the little crappy toys that drive Mommys crazy.  You know, cars, plastic animals, robots, anything from "Toy Story" or "Cars" or "Spiderman" or "Batman" or dinosaurs or frogs...he's pretty easy.  :)

He digs the Fisher-Price Imaginext toys, I think because he gets to play those with Daddy.  :)  Auntie Nina got him a cool Imaginext Batcave for Christmas and I'd say that's one of his favorites (there are several bad guys you can buy to go with it), along with the Imaginext Pirate ship Wyatt passed down to him.  He still loves the Imaginext dragon castle GoGo got him for his birthday last year, and I'm sure he'd love some more little guys to lose.  I mean, play with.

A list of Bubby's favorite things:

action figures of any kind--he loves to make them talk to each other :)
woo woos (ambulances, firetrucks, police cars)
garbage trucks
playing outside, period

I hope this helps!  Thanks for celebrating our favorite preschooler.

Sniff.  He's not a baby anymore, is he?

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