Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bluebonnicator Report: March 10

The weather is warming, the sun is shining and the grass is getting that really pretty soft, green look to it. Spring is here! And the good news is that there have been some bluebonnet sightings! I've noticed a few flowers popping up around town and there has even been a report of bluebonnets on the highway next to Arby's (thanks, Sherri). There are even two bluebonnet plants growing right here in Pharaonsylvannia (but no flowers on them yet).

The flowers that I've seen around town aren't very deep-colored yet and they're pretty sparse. I've noticed a couple of Indian paintbrushes pop up, as well. Seriously- two flowers.

So this week's Blubonnicator index is:


It's getting there. Another couple of weeks of warm weather with a couple of days of rain in there and those wildflowers will be everywhere. Just not quite yet...

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