Thursday, March 24, 2011

Odds & Ends

I love the kids' birthday gift for's just a heart-shaped rock we found while out on a bike ride one day, but it just felt special.  :)  

We are so behind in our blogging...this week we went to the Boys & Girls Club to help them break a world record (most people doing jumping jacks simultaneously for 2 minutes).  We'll find out in a few weeks if they broke the record, but it was worth it, regardless.  (Turns out, Noble can't jump for 2 minutes...and I can't jump and talk to/take care of Noble at one time.  Sigh.)  But it was fun.  :)  

A note about this picture:  we DID take a picture of our family, but there's the kid from Kayci's school who wanted to be in the picture, and I feel a little weird putting his picture on the internet.  It was funny...but in the, heh heh, kinda uncomfortable way.  We had fun with the Dallmeyers, and Heather totally rocked the jumping jacks despite the distractions.  She's my hero!

Kayci is just...Kayci.  She's just awesome, when she's not being a normal kid.  The highlight of her life right now is the treehouse.  We went today and bought the rest of the rails, and James got the jigsaw ready.  The other night they went out to Brad & Sherri's and picked up the roof (thanks, Bogans!)  Her other favorite thing is reading...which can be a problem, sometimes, as she tends to rush through her schoolwork so she can read...we're working on it.  Last week we got back into the habit of reading at bedtime--Miles to Go, the Miley Cyrus autobiography.  Painful!  Tonight we read Ephesians.  Yes, she has become really interested in the Bible lately, but the real reason?  She discovered that she can get AR points for reading the books of the Bible.  Ha!  

Noble is a mess, but a beautiful mess.  In the past few weeks, his speech has become so much clearer, his vocabulary has grown by leaps and bounds, his behavior has evened's been a lot of fun.  What made me blog in the first place tonight was our dinner conversation.  (Side note:  we're trying to be good about eating at home, eating healthy, tonight we took everything in our crisper and threw it on the grill with some shrimp.  Turns out, carrots and radishes are pretty good grilled!)  So, we're sitting outside eating and Noble says to James, "I wanna twy your sawad stuff."  Okay, try some salad.  What do you like?  "Umm...some cucumber and wettuce.  Which one is cucumber?"  So Noble takes some of each out of Daddy's bowl.  Takes a bite out of the cucumber and almost gags...then tosses it back in Daddy's bowl (of mostly uneaten, in the process of being eaten, salad)..."Ugh.  I not wike dat."  Takes a bite of lettuce...same thing.  Tosses it back in Daddy's bowl..."Not wike dat, either.  Tastes wike weaves!"  

He's at the age where he can help with lots of stuff, and loves to help--and getting him busy is a great distraction when he starts getting worked up.  We needed a distraction toward the end of dinner, so I sent him inside to get our "thankful for's" notebook.  He did it!  Which was cool, but this was what he's thankful for today:  "tooting and burping and watching "Bubble Guppies."  Oh, my.  

So that's a slice of our life...there's been some other, big life stuff this week, but those stories are not ours to tell.  

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your child's smart, funny and active