Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kayci's Memoirs, part 1

This morning, Kayci wanted to talk a bit about her youth.

I was born on a Thursday! No, Bitty, you were born on a Wednesday. Your birthday just falls on a Thursday this year. Oh, right. And you guys stayed up all night looking at me, remember?

This made me wonder...what does Kayci really remember? What's important to her? So I posed that question tonight at dinner, and her response was typical: I remember playing Memory with you. That's true--we did that a lot.

Now it's bedtime, and my very grumpy Bitty is curled up on the couch, waiting for HER TURN with Mommy. Bubby is, unfortunately, laying across my lap as I type. Better not to ask. Here we go...

So, what else do you remember, after we stayed up all night just looking at you?

After when I was born, or can it be something else? Anything.

I remember going to play in the snow with Jhido. (When Kayci was 14 months old, we went to visit Haitham, who lived in Washington state at the time. We spent time in Seattle, but the highlight of that trip was visiting Mt. Rainier, and yes, Kayci played in snow. It was amazing--one of my favorite pics ever is of Kayci on Daddy's shoulders, leaning over to kiss him. Too sweet!)

I remember having my dance recital when Nana and everyone came. (This was just last May. For the first time and last time, ALL of Kayci's grandparents were in the same place at the same time.)

This will have to be continued. Kayci got quiet for a minute, and I just realized...she's asleep. How funny! Wonder what she'll dream about tonight? :)

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