Thursday, June 11, 2009

Water Baby

Kayci was kind enough to snap this photo during Noble's Water Babies lesson yesterday. :) His swimming lessons are more for training Mommy than anything, but today in the bath Bubby proved that he's been paying attention more than I thought (or at least his body could have been a reflex, who knows?). Noble was playing in his bath this morning and flipped over and went facedown in the water. I was reaching in to grab him when he flipped himself back over and floated on his back. It was pretty weird--made me wonder if that was like a reflex, or just a weird coincidence. Either way, it was cool to see. It's not like I'm gonna start leaving the kids unattended in the bath now or anything, so put down the phone, no need to call CBS just yet. (That's CPS if you haven't heard Kayci's take on it.)

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