Wednesday, June 17, 2009

That's my boy!

Backstory: After we eat, Kayci always takes her dishes to the sink.

This morning when Noble finished breakfast, I shook him off (seriously, the floor takes a beating every time the child sits at the table, it's horrible) and put him down. He pointed at his plate and did his uh-uh/pointing dance so I wiped off his plate and handed it to him. I was curious to see what his plans were. He took the plate, kind of pointed the plate at the kitchen and turned back to me. I said yes, go put your plate in the sink. So he turned around and toddled into the kitchen holding the plate, went straight to the sink and tried to put it in. But the sink was too high, so after a couple of tries (too cute, imagine him reaching with that plate held in both hands over his head) he got frustrated and threw the plate down with those same two hands in true rock star fashion. Then he walked away and refused to touch the plate again.

That's my boy...and not my boy, all at the same time. That last part, pure Daddy's boy.

BTW, if you're counting, tomorrow is Kayci's 6th birthday! We've got quite a day lined up...

VBS in the morning
lunch at her favorite place--McDonald's!
mani/pedis courtesy of Aunt Peggy
early dinner with the boys (probably Horseshoe Junction--shh, don't tell Kayci!)
VBS program in the evening

Should be fun! I told her this morning that we have 3 gifts for her tomorrow, and that she'll get one at each meal. I think we're more excited than she is!!!

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