Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Reality Check

Today was Noble's 12-month check up. Yup, 2 days after his 15-month birthday. It's been a busy spring, what can I say? As the doctor and I went through the standard question and answer period, I realized something about myself: I'm a hypocrite. (If that's NOT news to you, just shut it. I'm getting there.)

I've been very firm about not comparing Noble to Kayci because frankly, it's apples to oranges. But when the pediatrician asked me if I had any concerns and I brought up Noble's speech, it was a look in the big ol' shiny hypocritical mirror. I heard myself telling the doctor that I was concerned that Noble didn't say that many words, blah blah...I heard it. And while I was hearing it, I was thinking, that really a concern? Turns out, not so much. Just there in the office Kayci and I came up with 18 words that Noble says consistently. When I told the doctor that, he just gave me THAT look--I've given parents THAT look before, and I knew I was in for it. He gave me a very polite but very firm speech about not grading Noble on Kayci's his age are supposed to have 5 words. So he's good. Advanced, even, the doctor says.

His mommy? Well, turns out I need to take some remedial parenting classes. I needed today--I needed to see that I had unrealistic expectations and I was looking at Noble like he was "slow" when in fact he's right on track. He's just different than Kayci was, and that's way okay. Sigh. Sorry, Bubby...hope you don't hate me one day. And if the low expectations didn't do it, me holding him down while he got 3 shots might have...but I don't think so. He was fine once he got a balloon. (And yes, he can say balloon. Well, ball...close enough!)

I'll do better, Bubby. I've said it before and I'll say it again, looks like we're growing together. Who knew it worked both ways?

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