Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I just got it!

Kayci is spending the week with Amy and the kids, and is loving every minute of it. Last night was her first night there and I was very happy when she called this morning. We had a fun conversation, and I thought we were having a Mommy-Kayci moment when she told me about watching "Jon and Kate + 8" last night and about how Kate was trying new things and we were talking about how we (our family) are all trying new things this week, too. I thought it was a moment, but I think it was lost on Bitty...she said, "I finally got the title!" What? "You know, Jon and Kate plus 8. It's Jon, and Kaaaate...plus there's 8 kids!" Alrighty.

So she gets it. Well, kinda. I'm just grateful that she's having a great time and I can focus (theoretically!) on work for a few days. Who knew it would be so hard to work with all this quiet?!

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