Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I'm a bit of a Nazi when it comes to watching TV during the day--unless, of course, one or more of us is sick...then I'm all for the all-healing couch/TV combo. But I digress. When we got home from the grocery store this morning, Kayci and her cousin asked if they could watch a movie. I said no, you guys need to play while Noble's at school, you can watch a movie at bedtime. And I thought that was that. They came up with a whole concert idea and were working on that before lunch. Well, I admit, after James left at lunchtime I came back and sat down to work. After a while, I realized I didn't hear the bumping around and singing...in fact, I didn't hear any girls moving around at all. So I listened a little harder, and sure enough, heard a laugh track. I went out into the living room and sure enough, the TV was off. I knew exactly what they were doing, curled up together in the red chair.

I said, "Girls, are you watching TV?"
Their answer? "No, we're watching Hannah Montana...on the ipod."

And now they're back to bumping around and singing and doing what Hannah Montana fans do...and we've closed up that little loophole.

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