Monday, August 24, 2009

Pop! Into First Grade!

Yesterday we had Kayci's 2nd annual back to school bash. Last year it was the Kindergarten Kick-Off (I may have persuaded her to go with a football theme as I had some football paper goods I was dying to use...perhaps) but this year, she knew exactly what SHE wanted...Pop! Into First Grade. We had some preschoolers, a 2nd grader and two 3rd graders, as well, but that was the theme she picked. So, we moved things around to make room on the deck (good thing, as I think we counted 26 all together!) and put out some of our favorite bubble activities. We only lasted about 45 minutes outside before everyone was just roasting, so we moved inside for floats (get it?) and a keepsake craft and a whole lot of free playing, noise-making fun. It was a blast--I can't wait to see what Kayci wants to do for 2nd grade! If you haven't seen this idea in Family Fun magazine (I saw it for the first time last year, just in time!), we are huge fans...Kayci has been so excited about her friends coming over for the party, it's totally held the first-day jitters at bay. We have been so pleased both years! And you can do it totally on the cheap--we did, both years. The key is to do activities that involve things you already have, and to plan cheap/simple food. Last year we decorated cupcakes, but it was too hot to bake this year and honestly, I didn't want to spend the time on it. So I thought the floats were particularly inspired, and Kayci dug that it tied into the theme. :)

I wanted to get these pics out to you guys last night, but seriously, we were all in bed by 8:15, I think...and all asleep pretty close to 8:30. But we had a great morning this morning (Kayci was SO excited about seeing her friends and her teacher again!) and things just couldn't have gone any better. After we dropped the kids off, James and I headed over to Starbucks for the 2nd annual kidless coffee group...there were really a couple of infants again this year, but ours wasn't one of them so we totally were celebrating the kidless. :) Not that I'd want to be kidless for more than a few hours a day...but when you realize that you haven't had adult time in like, 3 months, let me tell you--it feels like a party day. :) So now James is at work, I've had a pedicure (and read US magazine cover to cover!) and now I'm sitting here working. Well, and then I found this blog post that I started but didn't finish. We're going to have a hot date for lunch at Ernie's--I've wanted to go there FOREVER, but it's not kid-friendly so I'm way excited. After lunch I'll work for about an hour, then take magazine #2 (Shape, trying to get inspired!) and head to car line. I think I'll take Kayci for some ice cream at DQ or Must Be Heaven and give her some face time before we pick up Nobley...then we'll have some time at home if there's homework, etc. before Daddy comes in. I can't describe the feeling I have today--so...hopeful, I guess. It feels like great things are coming, for all of us! :)

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