Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sheer Determination...

Much to Daddy's chagrin, biking has NOT been one of Bitty's favorite pastimes. In fact, we can count the number of times she's been on this particular bike on one the past year and a half. Noble woke up with a fever today and Mommy's frantically scrambling to get some work done while he's down for a nap, so Kayci and Daddy have been playing outside (okay, if you call mowing playing) this morning. I got a call to come outside, and this is what I saw...she's going fast (for the first time EVER), turning around, and has even learned how to dismount safely when the bike tips. I know we were supposed to go to church this morning, but I think God's been spending PLENTY of time with our little ones this morning, right here at home. :)

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