Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gavin and Kayci Go To Sonic

Yesterday evening the Clarkson kids stayed over with us. We didn't know what to do for the evening because it was kind of a gloomy-looking day in Brenham and it was about to get dark. We talked about going to a movie, but there wasn't really anything playing. We talked about arts and crafts, but not everyone wanted to do that. We talked about putt-putt golf, but that and dinner would've been pretty expensive (because you can't play putt putt golf and not play games afterward). So we decided to make a movie...

We chose some random locations in Brenham and wrote them on strips of paper. Each kid got to choose one strip of paper. Each location that was chosen was someplace we HAD to use in our movie. They chose Sonic, the Stone Mansion, downtown and the hospital. We went to dinner at CiCis and talked about what we wanted our little movie to be about. There were lots of ideas - all of Gavin's involved the characters having huge throbbing mutant heads - but we ended up deciding to do a movie about Noble crawling away and all of us going lots of places looking for him.

But Noble was fussy and tired. Movie stars are like that sometimes.

So instead we made up a story about Kayci and Gavin sneaking out of the house and going around town and ending up at Sonic. We shot it in about three hours, and I think everyone had a lot of fun doing it. We pretty much made up the dialog as we went. Kristi was really great at throwing out little kernels of ideas that ended up becoming the new plot of the movie. Keely and Reagan actually came up with most of the dialog. It was a lot of fun on Saturday night in Brenham, Texas. And the best part is that we shot the entire thing for $2.47 - the cost of two ice cream cones.

Here is the result of our evening:

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